Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/7 Annual report 1882-3
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Full text:[...] 148 1 WKLl'TH ANNUAL REPORT. WELLINGTON (NEW ZEALAND) BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. Rev. H. van Staveeen, President and Treasurer. A. beaveb, Esq., Hon. Secretary. COMMITTEE. Ii. L. HARRIS, Esq. I J. MAN [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 121 MANCHESTER—COM*. & a. d. Bios, M. 8., Esq., caro of 8. D. Bles and Bona, Chorlton- street.....110 Bles, 8. D., Esq., care of 8. D. Bles and 8ons, Ghorlton-street . . . ..110 Bles, Master [...]
Full text:[...] 116 TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT. Alexander, E., Esq., 02, Har- rowby-street. Anselem, H., Esq., Park-lane . Archer, H., Esq., 15, Nile-street Aronsberg, M., Esq., 167, Chatham-street .... Anerbach, 8., Esq. [...]
Full text:[...] Branches. 113 LlilSBS—cnnl. Spark, Dr. P. C. 0., Borough Organist, Leeds . Spens, W. J., Esq., Sec. Scot. Ami. In. Co., Glasgow Stacey, Dr., 28, Park-square, Leeds . . . . Taylor, C., Esq., St. John's [...]
Full text:[...] 112 OWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT. LEEDS—COM*. f 5. (f. Derry, W., Esq., Boro' Accountant,Leeds . . . . 0 5 0 Eddison, John, Esq., Bri- tanniarstreet, Leeds . .050 Eggleston, W. H., Esq., Dews- bury .....0 5 [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. Ill Leeds—cm t. £ Mabbott, W., Esq., 166, Alfre- ton-road, Nottingham . . 0 Maud, E. P., Esq., Albion- street, Leeds . . .0 Metcalfe, Mr.Coiuicillor,North- street, Leeds. . .0 Munby, J., Esq [...]
Full text:[...] 104 TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT. and kind consideration that meets me from every quarter. I pray you to accept for yourself and to convey to your colleagues of the Anglo-Jewish Association my very high appr [...]
Full text:[...] 102 TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT. past year by subscribing may be mentioned The Hon. Mr. Justice Chitty ;* Sir Farrer Herschell, Q.O., M.P., Solicitor-Oreneral; The Right Hon. The Lord Mayor of York (Mr. Ald [...]
Full text:[...] persia. 23 endeavouring, it seems, to evade compliance with the Shah's orders. I have informed Mirza Sa'id Khan that no arrangement in respect to this matter, which does not provide for the hond signe [...]
Full text:[...] PERSIA. 21 13th April, and proceeded to memorialise Her Majesty's Government to use its good offices, with the view of averting the misfortunes with which the Jews in Teheran were threatened. The foll [...]
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