Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/7 Annual report 1882-3
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Full text:[...] 124 TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT. Manchester—cont. £ s. d. Valentine, Rev. J. H., Elizabeth-street . . . .050 Vivante, M. S., Esq., 108, Bury New-road . . . . 0 10 0 Walford, L. D., Esq., 108, Bury New-road [...]
Full text:[...] 58 TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT. But a large amount of work remains to be done. Schools are wanted at Sfax, Djerba, Gabes, Eabel, Bedja, Bizerta, and Kef. Girls' Schools are likewise indispensable at Susa, S [...]
Full text:[...] SRANCHES. 77 BALLARAT BRANCH. HONORARY OFFICERS. N. F. spielvogel, Esq., President. JACOB BEENSTEIN, Esq., Treasurer. Rev. J. M. goldbeicii, Esq., Hon. Correspondent. L. cohen, Esq., Hon. Secretary. L [...]
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