Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/6 Annual report 1881-2
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Full text:[...] 26 ELEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT. June, 1881. Since then lie lias used, in the House of Commons, every endeavour to secure for Jews of British nationality, travelling in Russia, the same rights which pertain [...]
Full text:[...] featfib e . CHAIRMAN. Alfred G-. Henriques, Esq., Vice-Prcsident. DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN. B. Kisci-i, Esq., M.A., B.So. Jonas Esq. II. H. Collins, Esq. E. H. d'Ayigdor, Esq. Benn Davis, Esq. E. [...]
Full text:[...] J • 4 $ dawn t\l, 1881-82. PRESIDENT. Baron Henry de Worms, M.P. VICE-PRESIDENTS. The Rt. Hon. The Master of the Bolls. Sir Barrow H. Ellis, K.C.S.I. Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bart. Alfred G. Henriques, Es [...]
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