Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/6 Annual report 1881-2
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Full text:[...] TABLE OF CONTENTS Council, Committees, etc., Elected in July, 1881 SUMMARY OF THE YEAR'S WORK I. Congratulatory Address to the Queen II. The Death op President Garfield III. Branches . . . IV. Roumani [...]
Full text:[...] 28 eleventh annual report. VII.—TURKEY. Hebron.—The Jewish Community of Hebron wrote a fervent appeal to the Anglo-Jewish Association to obtain assistance towards the maintenance of a Jewish Hospi [...]
Full text:[...] to emigrate to French North Africa or Spain. M. AFLALO. London, lith November, 1881. APPENDIX E. NOTES ON THE JEWISH SCHOOL AND ON HOME LIFE AT BAGDAD. By Mr. Morris Coi-ien. A detailed account of the [...]
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