Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/6 Annual report 1881-2
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Full text:[...] 64 ELEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT. very little the second. These boys are required to attend a class at the School one hour every evening. I examined the boys in both the first classes, French and English, an [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX D.—REPORT ON JEWISH SCHOOLS IN MOROCCO. 65 or indifference to learning English evinced by a large number of the pupils might then be overcome. This plan would enable Mr. M. H. JSfahon to devo [...]
Full text:[...] 66 ELEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT. appropriate mode of utilising Sir Moses's gift. The School continued open for fourteen years, and was temporarily suspended in 1878, during the late dreadful famine. It had [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX E.—THE JEWISH SCHOOL AT BAGDAD. 75 X- at this stage the pupils have no difficulty in understanding, however quickly one may speak to them, and they can converse fieely and with few mistakes [...]
Full text:[...] 90 ELEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. £ s. d. Hart, Isaac, Esq., 90, Mild- may-grove, N". . .050 Hart, John, Esq., 140, Portsdown-road, W. .050 Hart, Maurice, Esq., 20, Old Bailey, B.C. . . 0 10 6 H [...]
Full text:[...] 94 ELEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. £ s. d. Lion, Michael L., Esq., 6, Petherton-road, N. .0 10 G Lion, Mrs., 6, Petherton- road, N. . . .0 10 G Lion, Charles, Esq., 60, Marquess-road, N. .0 10 6 [...]
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