Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/5 Annual report 1880-1
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Full text:[...] ■3 ■ € a until, 1880-81. PRESIDENT. Baron Henry de Worms, M.P. VICE-PRESIDENTS. The Rt.Hon. The Master of the Rolls. Sir Barrow H. Ellis, K.C.S.I. Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bart. Alfred G-. Henriques, Esq. [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 185 SANDHURST (AUSTRALIA) BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. HONORARY OFFICERS. M. Samuel, Esq., President. S. Max, Esq., Treasurer. Charles Cohen, Esq.. Hon. Secretary. LIST OF SUBSCRI [...]
Full text:[...] (gmniibt Committee. CHAIRMAN. Alfred G. Henriques, Esq., Vice-President. DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN. B. Kiscii, Esq., M.A., B.So. M. Aflalo, Esq. Jonas' Bergtheil, Esq. H. H. Collins, Esq. E. H. d'Avigdor, Esq. [...]
Full text:[...] morocco. 57 of the Governor. This man underwent various ill-treatments, and a chain was put round his neck and fastened to the roof. To escape from being strangled he had to stand on tiptoe. Whilst in [...]
Full text:[...] 92 TENTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. £ s. d. Davidson, J., Esq.,Princes- street, Spitalfields, E. .0 10 6 Davidson, Louis, Esq., 3, Cleveland-terrace, W. . 1 1 0 Davies, S., Esq., 142, Clieapside, E.G [...]
Full text:[...] 194 TENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Toronto—cont. Dols. ct. Kassel, M., Esq., 289, Queen- street West . . . 2 50 Leichtenhein, M., Esq., York-street . . . 5 00 Levinskie, L., Esq. . . 1 25 Lyons, N.,Esq., 37,Mc [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. BALLAEAT BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. HONORARY OFFICERS. L. L. Meanowski, Esq., President. Philip Windmilleb, Esq., Treasurer. Rev. J. M. Goldkeich, Hon. Correspondent. G. Yince, [...]
Full text:[...] 112 TENTH ANNUAL REPORT. BIRMINGHAM BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. HONORARY OFFICERS. Rev. George J. Emanuel, B.A., President. L. Hyams, Esq., Treasurer. S. N. Solomon, Esq., Eon. Secretary. [...]
Full text:[...] 122 TENTH ANNUAL REPORT. BRADFORD BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. HONORARY OFFICERS. George Simon, Esq., President and Treasurer. G. Bielefeld, Esq., Vice-President. I. Fursteniiagen, Esq., Ho [...]
Full text:[...] branches. 195 / WEST HARTLEPOOL BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. I-IONOEARY OFFICERS. G. L. Abrahams, Esq., President. A. Harris, Esq., Vice-President. A. Lotinga, Esq., Treasurer. L. Harris, E [...]
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