Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/4 Annual report 1879-80
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Full text:[...] 38 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. The Jews would be the constant objects of attack. It is so now in the interior. Something has given rise to the impression that the Congress now sitting is about to withdraw pr [...]
Full text:[...] 58 ninth annual report. therefore felt justified in setting aside an additional sum of £60 for the encouragement of Jewish pupils in Bombay. Through the kind co-operation of Sir Barrow Ellis, K.C.S.I. [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX B.—MR. PYKE'S TRAVELS IN THE EAST. 7o the worthy Exarch Joseph, of Bulgaria and Poumelia, and with the Metropolitan of Philippopolis. Both expressed friendly views towards the Jews. The Presi [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS. Ill —V- y 'X London—cont. £ s. d. Feis, J., Esq., 4, Fell- street, E.G. . . .0 10 6 Feldman, S. F., Esq., 37, Steward-street, Bishops-gate, E.G. . . .050 Fellheimer, D., Esq., 1 & 2, [...]
Full text:[...] 138 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. BRIGHTON BRANCH OP THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. HONORARY OFFICERS. J. H. Cohen, Esq., President. David Barnard, Esq., Treasurer. George L. Abrahams, Esq., Hon. Sec. zjsr of a [...]
Full text:[...] 110 London—cont. £ s. d. Davis, D., Esq., 14, Wim- pole-street, W. . .110 Davis, E. P., Esq., 14, Wimpole-street, W. .050 Davis, Felix A., Esq., 14, Wimpole - street, w. . . . :0 5 0 Davis, Miss H., 1 [...]
Full text:[...] 114 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. & Jacobs, D. L„ Esq., Tenbv House, 162, Clapham-road, S.W. . . .0 Jacobs, Mrs. D. L., Tenby House, 162, Clapliam-road, S.W. . . .0 Jacobs, Harris, Esq., Cutler-st [...]
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