Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/4 Annual report 1879-80
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Full text:[...] the Institution are invited to canvass and report. iwzmw q/' cmnmaagrs (Ae reW& q/ WZ published from time to [...]
Full text:[...] the 23rd of November, amidst a large concourse of congregational members and numerous visitors from London, a Branch was inaugurated at Brighton by Baron Henry de Worms, who was supported by Sir [...]
Full text:[...] conveyed to him on the part of the Association. On the 19th of February a telegram was received from the Gibraltar Branch announcing the unconditional release of Amar by order of the Moorish /L- [...]
Full text:[...] morocco. 31 C An Interview witi-i Sir John Drummond Hay.— Last autumn, when Sir John Drummond Hay, H. M. Minister at Tangier, was on a visit to England, the Council desired to bring under his notice [...]
Full text:[...] late Sultan granted in 1864, for the benefit of all non-Mahomedans, the Jews cannot obtain justice from a Moorish Tribunal, their testimony not being received in Court, and thus it occurs that judgment [...]
Full text:[...] has given rise to the impression that the Congress now sitting is about to withdraw protection from them. Your Lordship is aware of one case where a man was set upon by a mob at Fez in a street [...]
Full text:[...] greater effect might be obtained if the system were made more relatively perfect. But it is clear from what has been stated that if that protection, imperfect as it was, were withdrawn, persecution [...]
Full text:[...] 42 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. perfectly indefensible, and I think that that has been admitted by the Deputation. The question is how far they are of practical use. The three gentlemen who have spoken have d [...]
Full text:[...] SEE.VI A. 43 -A. In further vindication of the rights of non-Maliome-dans who claimed consular protection, Mr. Serjeant Simon, M.P., questioned the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, on the [...]
Full text:[...] 52 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. agrees on the necessity for founding- irreproachable religious conduct. One of our honourable correspondents wishes that we should commence only with a Boys' School, and not op [...]
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