Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/4 Annual report 1879-80
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Full text:[...] 72 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. holidays ordained by tlie rites of that Church. Prior to this it had been the law that all places of business, whatever might be the religion of their owners, should be closed [...]
Full text:[...] appendix b.—me. pyke's travels in the east. 71 k the rest of the pupils. Most of the children go on Saturdays, but some refrain from writing, although the master may, and sometimes does, compel them t [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX B.—MR. PYKE'S TRAVELS IN THE EAST. 69 .A. -*r v of the Jewish disabilities. I was told that not more than 100 Jews would take immediate advantage of the permission to reside in rural Servi [...]
Full text:[...] 68 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. APPENDIX B. EXTRACTS FROM MR. LIONEL E. PYKE'S REPORT OF HIS RECENT TRAVELS IN THE EAST* I.—Servia. There are about 2,000 Jews in Servia, 1,200 in Belgrade, the capital, the [...]
Full text:[...] scarcely conceal their impatience,. for during the late outrages in Fez, although as yet only one European representative appears to have withdrawn his protection, the exulting cry of the Moors was that [...]
Full text:[...] RUSSIA. 45 VIII.—RUSSIA. A. Frequent reports having appeared in the daily papers about the contemplated expulsion of Jews from the region of the Don Cossacks, inquiries into the truth of these repo [...]
Full text:[...] 44 NINTH ANNUAL KEPOKT, cities—where, however, all political rights are conceded to the Jews—has not yet been repealed, and presents a most objectionable inconsistency, which should be removed as [...]
Full text:[...] against them, but because, as I believe, the Christians resident there belong in the main to European States, and in case of outrage they can appeal to their Consul or other representative of those [...]
Full text:[...] He says : ' We are now exposed to greater danger, because a report has been spread that the European Consuls will cease to afford us protection. Formerly they granted to a respectable person, [...]
Full text:[...] of this usage is not confined to Morocco; it has existed ever since the Turks were planted in Europe. There was the Treaty of Kuinardi, between Russia and Turkey, which gave Russia authority not only [...]
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