Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/4 Annual report 1879-80
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Full text:[...] 140 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. BRISTOL BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. HONORARY OFFICERS. H. Simmons, Esq., President and Treasurer. Samuel Platnauer, Esq., Vice-President. COMMITTEE. M. Blanckensee [...]
Full text:[...] 138 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. BRIGHTON BRANCH OP THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. HONORARY OFFICERS. J. H. Cohen, Esq., President. David Barnard, Esq., Treasurer. George L. Abrahams, Esq., Hon. Sec. zjsr of a [...]
Full text:[...] 136 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. which has been discouraged by the enlightened attitude of the Royal Family at Berlin. Note was taken of the ill-treatment which Jews experienced in Hungary, and of the banishm [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 135 --- BRADFORD BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION HONORARY OFFICERS. J. A. Unna, Esq., President. George Simon, Esq., Vice-President and Treasurer. Rev. Dr. J. Strauss, Hon. Secretar [...]
Full text:[...] 130 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. BIRMINGHAM BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. HONORARY OFFICERS. Rev. George J. Emanuel, B.A., President. M. Moses, Esq., Treasurer. S. N. Solomon, Esq., Hon. Secretary. [...]
Full text:[...] 128 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. BALLARAT BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. HONORARY OFFICERS. L. L. Meanowski, Esq., President. PuiLir Windmiller, Esq., Treasurer. Rev. J. M. Goldreicii, Hon. Correspon [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 127 w [iVb Report having been received this year, the subjoined is reprinted from last Year's Report.] ADELAIDE (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) BRANCH OP THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION". HONORARY OFFICERS. [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS of the ANGL0-JEWI8H ASSOCIATION. The names marked (°) with an asterisk reappear in the List of Donors to the Education Fund, page 125. BEDFORD. Per M. Lissack, Esq. £ s. d. Bonser, Rev [...]
Full text:[...] WITH THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. 1st, 1879, to May 31st, 1880. Cr. By Expenses (Petty Cash, Postages, and Stationery) ,, Travelling Expenses to Paris and the Provinces ,, Printing and Lithography ,, [...]
Full text:[...] 92 ninth annual report. of 26,504 francs 25 centimes, of which 10,700 francs came from the Alliance, 3,262 francs from the Anglo-Jewish Association^, and the rest from local resources. Mr. Alexander S [...]
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