Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/4 Annual report 1879-80
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Full text:[...] 4 «! 5 I * S a / 4i THE NINTH ANNUAL REPORT ^nglo-|?ulih ^ssqiatioit, IX CONNECTION WITH TSB ALLIANCE ISRAELITE UNIYERSELLE, 1879—1880, 5640 771R r - ©fficcs of tfje JVnjjlb«| donation: 1G0, [...]
Full text:[...] THE NINTH ANNUAL REPORT 1 m i i ^nglw-Jpisfi ^ss^tatwn, IN CONNECTION WITH TEE ALLIANCE ISRAELITE UNIVERSELLE, 1879—1880, 5639 V 771R ©fgccs of tl)e gUtglo=gmW) $,
Full text:[...] THE NINTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE 1879-80, y A SUMMARY OF TEE YEAR'S WORE. Since the issue of the last Annual Report the Association has been engaged in work which has affected the liberty and well-bein [...]
Full text:[...] NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. and that the Jews will be admitted in larger proportions to the full rights of citizenship. Whatever may be the ultimate issue of the Roumanian question, the active defence of tho [...]
Full text:[...] NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. ville the assurance that its representations would guide the Foreign Office in using the whole influence of this country for protecting the Jews in Morocco from the insults and th [...]
Full text:[...] 10 NINTH ANNUAL REPOltT, I. BRANCHES AND AGENCIES. The statements of the several Branches and Agencies as appended to this Report show how efficiently the representatives and members of leading Commun [...]
Full text:[...] 12 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. first anniversary meeting, which was to be held on the 10th of September, the Committee of the Edinburgh Branch arranged with him that he should previously address a meeting of [...]
Full text:[...] 14 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. II.—HOME AFFAIRS. Soon after the arrival of the news that the Prince Imperial had been killed in South Africa, the Council presented an address of condolence to the Empress E [...]
Full text:[...] HOME AFFAIRS.—JOINT COMMITTEE. 15 tion, and a Committee lias been appointed to co-operate in the attainment of this object. The Annual Reports of this Association have hitherto contained statistical d [...]
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