Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/3 Annual report 1875-6
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Full text:[...] y.—ADEN AND YEMEN. Soon after the last annual meeting, a letter * was received from the Rabbins of Aden, supplementing the information given to Mr. Alfred Falk [...]
Full text:[...] may lead to permanent good results has been adopted on a suggestion contained in the following letter, which, through the medium of the Foreign Office, was received from Sir John Drummond Hay, Her [...]
Full text:[...] 38 hitherto been made to afford good religious instruction, nor have attempts been made there to open Jewish schools for imparting any kind of secular knowledge. Hundreds of Jewish children, natives o [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX D. ON THE HISTORY, THE SOCIAL CONDITION, AND THE LITERATURE OF THE BENI ISRAEL IN INDIA. The following is the substance of several communications received by the Association from Mr. Abraham [...]
Full text:[...] practical suggestions for remedying the existing state of things. About the same time that this letter was received, Captain Burton, the celebrated African traveller, who was on the point of starting [...]
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