Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/3 Annual report 1875-6
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Full text:[...] Branch for the benefit of the Jaffa Agricultural School. XI.—PERSIA, At the July meeting of the Council a petition was received from three Jewish natives of Teheran, [...]
Full text:[...] who declared that they had come to London for the purpose of submitting certain grievances to the Council of the Association, to whom they were referred by the Committee of the Alliance at Berlin. After [...]
Full text:[...] 25 The purport of their application was:— 1. That through the good offices of the Anglo-Jewish Association the life of a non-Mahomedan should be protected like the life of a Mahomedan, whereas at pr [...]
Full text:[...] the notice of your Lordship, the condition of the Jews of Persia, to which the attention of the Council of the Association has been urgently solicited. When ELM. the Shah visited this metropolis, the [...]
Full text:[...] Council have, however, reason to believe that the excellent intentions then expressed by His Majesty have [...]
Full text:[...] transactions having been brought to a satisfactory conclusion, the cordial thanks of the Council were conveyed to several eminent personages who had most humanely aided the Association with [...]
Full text:[...] diffusion of secular education among the Jews in Persia continues to engage the attention of the Council. XII.—MOROCCO. On reference to the Fourth Annual Report,* it will be observed that in the course [...]
Full text:[...] 58 APPENDIX I. THE JEWISH SCHOOL AT SMYRNA. Extracts prom the Report of the Smyrna Committee of the Alliance Israelite Universelle. The Annual Returns supplied by tlie Smyrna Committee of the Alliance [...]
Full text:[...] VIII. Smyrna IX. Bagdad X. Jaffa XI) Persia XII. Morocco XIII. Larache XIV. Tunis XV. Tripoli Council, Committees and Appendix A. Constitution . ,, B. Rules relating to Annual Meetiis „ 0. Laws [...]
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