Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/3 Annual report 1875-6
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Full text:[...] 7;j £ Ricardo, M., Esq., 33, Stepney-green, E.. .0 Roco, Rev. S., 1, Heneage- lane, Bevis Marks, E.G. 0 Rodrigues, —, Esq., 51, New-road, E. . .0 Rosen, J., Esq., 23, Mount- street, E. . . .0 Rosenbau [...]
Full text:[...] 78 RIO DE JANEIRO. & Benatton, J., Esq., (Subscription for 5 years from January 1875. . .10 0 0 SHEERNESS. Jacobs, II., Esq., "West-street . . . .0 10 G SHEFFIELD. Guttman, Tobias, Esq. .050 Marks, Aa [...]
Full text:[...] 79 DONATIONS TO THE GENERAL FUND. £ s. cl. Baroness Burdett-Coutts, second annual instalment of £100 25 0 0 Miss A. M. Goldsmid........ 10 0 0 Baron de Stern......... 5 0 0 C. K. Salaman, Esq........ [...]
Full text:[...] 85 REPORT OF THE LIVERPOOL BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. 1876. OFFICERS. Baron L. Benas, Esq., President. Louis Davis, Esq., Treasurer. A. Benas, Esq. E. M. Davis, Esq. Julius Harris, Esq. A [...]
Full text:[...] 99 gBBmpa&w. APPEAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO A SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND. In soliciting contributions to a fund to be designated the Special Education Fund, we venture to hope that many friends of Education will [...]
Full text:[...] 100 Numerous applications continue to be received for grants in support of Jewish education, and material help is needed both for establishing new schools, and for re-organising such as are found to b [...]
Full text:[...] CONTENTS. List of Honorary Officers, Officers Fifth Annual Report . I. Home Affairs II. Branches III. India IV. Aden and Yemen V. Spain VI. Turkey . VII. Salonica VIII. Smyrna IX. Bagdad X. Jaffa XI) [...]
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