Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/2 Annual report 1873-4
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Full text:[...] Affairs, Cid Mahommed Bargash, to the President of the Anglo-Jewish Association, dated 13f/i May, 1874. Praise to the One God! To our honourable friends the President and Elders of the Jewish [...]
Full text:[...] Association shall, as far as may be deemed desirable, act in unison with the Alliance Israelite Universelle, or with any other body [...]
Full text:[...] Applicants for grants^ must possess the qualifications hereinafter mentioned. Applications may also be made by communities for such grants. _ . 3. Upon any grant being made, the person [...]
Full text:[...] body of not less than ten subscribers, residing in any part of the British dominions, who may be desirous of promoting the objects of the Association, in conformity with the rules laid down in [...]
Full text:[...] year at a general meeting of the members, and shall have the power to fill up such vacancies as may occur in its body, during its term of office, among those elected at the annual general meeting. [...]
Full text:[...] it may be added, has been entrusted to the Education Committee. Comment is unnecessary on the above [...]
Full text:[...] to proceed. The last three qualifications to be testified by competent authorities. 0- The Council may appoint any person or persons to test or verify any of these qualifications. 7. On approval ol [...]
Full text:[...] Council may state, in conclusion, that the considerable sums from time to time advanced by M. Goldschmidt, of [...]
Full text:[...] The choice of the ambitious father of a girl lights on a Talmudical student, although the latter may have to go through many trials before he will earn enough to support the offspring of this [...]
Full text:[...] asks of the outside public is but adhesion and sympathy, and, when it is known that these may be expressed by the subscription of an almost nominal sum, surely none will refuse to join and to [...]
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