Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/2 Annual report 1873-4
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Full text:[...] have the honour to be, Sir, Your obedient servant, (Signed) MUSURUS. Baron Henry de Worms, President, Anglo-Jewish Association. Foreign Office, January 13, 1874. Sie,—I am directed by Earl [...]
Full text:[...] of a letter addressed by the Moorish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cid Mahommed Bargash, to the President of the Anglo-Jewish Association, dated 13f/i May, 1874. Praise to the One God! To our honourable [...]
Full text:[...] Office and the Turkish Ambassador :— r 7, Furnival's Inn, 16th December, 1873. My Lord,—As President of the Anglo-Jewish Association, formed for the purpose of' promoting the social, intellectual, [...]
Full text:[...] to the utmost possible extent. I have the honour to remain yours, &c., Ad. CEiMIEUX. The President, Anglo-Jewish Association. The steps taken have been attended with partial success, for the [...]
Full text:[...] 49 questions relating to its management and to the instruction to be delivered in it. 2nd. That the community contribute towards the expenses of the school. 3rd. That the teacher and the Local Committ [...]
Full text:[...] 13 our brethren in Servia with a view of obtaining the repeal of the stringent laws that exist against them. The Vienna Alliance informed us of the fact, and stated that it appeared to them desirable [...]
Full text:[...] 19 I relieve our brethren in his dominions. And not only was this done in Europe, but even our Australian brethren followed suit; for from Melbourne—the seat of our Victorian Branch—came a petitio [...]
Full text:[...] Sheriffian Majesty to extend your Majesty's special protection to those members of our faith who reside in your Majesty's dominions, and who have ever proved themselves to be loyal and devoted subjects [...]
Full text:[...] in consequence of their having profaned an Arab bath, would cause them to be beheaded. The President of the Association immediately on receipt of this intelligence addressed a letter to Earl [...]
Full text:[...] 50 greatly pleased to observe the viva,city and intelligence of the scholars, and their evident progress in the knowledge of the English and French languages. Many of them spoke English with much flue [...]
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