Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/2 Annual report 1873-4
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Full text:[...] 27 following are the particulars :—A poor Israelite at Fez, being very ill, was ordered the use of vapour baths. But as the Israelites of Morocco are not permitted to have such baths in their ghetto [...]
Full text:[...] 28 should the case be urgent, to interfere at once on behalf of the victims as far as he could properly do so. And shortly after this, the welcome intelligence was received that the unfortunate Jews h [...]
Full text:[...] 34 that the Government of Turkey has been distinguished no less by its sentiments of humanity than by the largeness of its religious views, and has been, moreover, especially remarkable for the protec [...]
Full text:[...] 88 The Council thought that the fact of giving the additional £100 conditionally on other kindred Institutions on the Continent and elsewhere subscribing at least £400, would create a stimulus among s [...]
Full text:[...] 47 no Jewish school at Bagdad, for the contrary is the case. An establishment exists, which has been munificently patronised by the princely house of Bassoon, and is attended by pupils who, as is test [...]
Full text:[...] 49 questions relating to its management and to the instruction to be delivered in it. 2nd. That the community contribute towards the expenses of the school. 3rd. That the teacher and the Local Committ [...]
Full text:[...] 99 £ a. d Emanuel, Henry, Esq,, 50, Clifton-gardens 0 5 0 Emanuel, Lewis, Esq., Finsbury-circus, E.C......110 Emanuel,Simeon,Esq., 24, High Holborn . 0 5 0 Epstein, S., Esq., 10, Bushy-place, Cam-den- [...]
Full text:[...] 106 DONATION'S. £ 8. d. £ 9. d Adler, Louis, Esq., Jacobs, Samuel, Esq., 38, Hildrop-cres., Falmouth . . . 1 1 0 Camden-road . . 0 10 6 Katzenstein, G., Esq., Altson, J. Esq., 34, Lei [...]
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