Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/2 Annual report 1873-4
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Full text:[...] 54 19. The Association shall, as far as may be deemed desirable, act in unison with the Alliance Israelite Universelle, or with any other body having similar objects; but shall also have power to act [...]
Full text:[...] its immediate neighbourhood, and there only when it may be impossible to submit the matter to the previous consideration of the Council. In case of such emergency immediate information must be given to [...]
Full text:[...] 57 the Eastern Jews is the want of properly qualified secular teachers. It has therefore been determined, as a first step towards supplying this want, to offer inducements, on the one hand, to suitabl [...]
Full text:[...] on persons deputed by the Council being allowed to visit the school at any time without giving previous notice. And shall also provide that the grant shall cease, after six months' notice, in case [...]
Full text:[...] schools is not the only danger which fills the Jews with apprehension. The congregations being prevented by the law of the land from uniting for common action, or from exchanging their experiences [...]
Full text:[...] 62 in those colleges, and who apparently received a liberal education, were appointed to the office of Crown-rabbins. In this capacity they act as intermediaries between the Government and the Jewish [...]
Full text:[...] 64 pleaders, who will dispassionately study and advocate the cause of their people in all its social, traditional and historical hearings, and who will take care that the Government, desirous of doing [...]
Full text:[...] 68 belongs to an inferior and uncivilised race; but that, on the other hand, the elevating and civilising ideas which are to be fostered in him, can be called forth by persons who are strangers to his [...]
Full text:[...] utterly futile, the Jews are-^aofairly taunted with being deficient in patriotism the reproach reverts to those who may be held accountable foi preventing their Jewish compatriots from attaining [...]
Full text:[...] Portsdown-road, W. June, 1874. A. LOWY. The following is the text of the vote of thanks to the Rev. Mr, Lowy, passed by the Council at a meeting held 2nd June, 1874 : "That the most cordial thanks [...]
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