Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/1 Annual report 1872-3
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Full text:[...] of not less than twenty, nor more than forty members, exclusive of ex-oflicio members. The presidents of the Branches shall be cx-officio members of the Council, and shall be entitled to attend and [...]
Full text:[...] of the building have a ground-floor only, but a first-floor can be put on whenever required. Besides this principal building, there exist four ground-floor buildings, used as workshops and offices, [...]
Full text:[...] at the close of the last report, that the Education Committee, to whom the superintendence and consideration of this matter had been referred, was engaged in considering the advisability of [...]
Full text:[...] each of these can hold 12 beds, with ample space between the beds, and in the centre. There are besides two good rooms for the attendants. On the ground floor, there are— 1 st.—Four rooms each 5 [...]
Full text:[...] Committee shall have power to transact all ordinary business. It may, in conjunction with the President, or one of the Vice-Presidents, initiate action ; and, in cases of emergency, the Chairman of [...]
Full text:[...] this 14th day of March, 1873, HERBERT G. LOUSADA, HENRY DE WORMS, Solicitor and Secretary, President. 7, FurnivaVs Inn, Lo7idon, E.C. To this letter Senor Castelar returned the following [...]
Full text:[...] hearts of all his subjects throughout his vast dominions. May it please your Majesty, we, the President and Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association, which is connected with the Alliance Israelite [...]
Full text:[...] not a farm, but 240 hectares of waste land, overgrown with weeds. To make these productive, a considerable outlay of capital for buildings, roads, improving the soil, and the time of several years are [...]
Full text:[...] Paris, its limited means are hardly sufficient for the many things it has already on hand, and besides, the Jaffa School owes already about 12,000 francs to the Alliance. It is almost superfluous to [...]
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