Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/1 Annual report 1872-3
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Full text:[...] adaptability to this or that culture, only state what I learnt from Mr. Netter, and from the persons who accompanied me in my rambles. Mr. Netter himself was bed-ridden, and could not accompany [...]
Full text:[...] -y 48 a warm climate, must be more profitable than wheat-growing ; and to that kind of produce we must in course of time turn our attention and the boys' education. As to vines, Mr. Netter had planted [...]
Full text:[...] budget for the school, and another budget for the farm might be made out. But such an expensive person, costing at least 5,000 francs a year, is above our present means. The Alliance educates the [...]
Full text:[...] 57 APPENDIX E. WATER SUPPLY OF JERUSALEM. Extract from minutes of Council-Meeting held on the $th December, 1872 :— " Mr. Lumley having laid on the table an appeal and report in reference to the wat [...]
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