Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/1 Annual report 1872-3
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Full text:[...] would be afforded to your Majesty's Jewish subjects, whilst no loss would fall on the Imperial revenue, if, in lieu of the present mode of collecting taxes from the Jews by the local authorities, [...]
Full text:[...] Should the Prince grant the petition which you have preferred in our favor it will be to you that we shall owe the amelioration in our position. We beg you to receive the assurance of our profound gr [...]
Full text:[...] 26 The Council proceeded to consider how far the suggestions contained in the above letter could best be carried out, and the most effectual mode of relieving the people from the oppression to which t [...]
Full text:[...] The Anglo-Jeavish Association has joined with the Roumanian Committee in endeavouring to prevent the passing of this cruel edict, but in spite of its most strenuous endeavours, both at the [...]
Full text:[...] from time to time protested against some of these acts of oppression. It states that now, upon a review of the whole of them, it has arrived at the conclusion that they are the result of systematic [...]
Full text:[...] 39 ' L VII. The Jews of Damascus. Some time ago, the attention of the Council was drawn to a conflict between the missionaries and the Jews of Damascus. It appeared that one of the former, an apostate [...]
Full text:[...] 53 not of our Jewish brethren alone, but also of those not belonging to our faith, on whom the common calamity had fallen. When we consider the benevolent orders issued at various times by your Majest [...]
Full text:[...] 19 ness and inactivity. When I see the green fields, the budding trees in the "Mikveh Israel," as I saw them in February; when I see the pleasure the young people take in their work, and the desire wh [...]
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