Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/1 Annual report 1872-3
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Full text:[...] 1 I 1 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Leopold Schloss, Esq., Chairman. J. Bergtheil, Esq: I Rev. M. N. Nathan. M. H. Benjamin, Esq. I I. Seligman, Esq. Jacob A. Franklin, Esq. A. E. Sydney, Esq. Benjamin Kisch, [...]
Full text:[...] n i ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION, in connection with the ALLIANCE ISRAELITE UNIVERSELLE. I MS I I (Council. PRESIDENT. Baron Henry de Worms. VICE-PRESIDENTS. Dr. A. Benisch. Sir F. II. Goldsmid, Bart. [...]
Full text:[...] i6 suited on all matters appertaining to the regulation and management of the institution. The Council cannot close this portion of its report without expressing its cordial acknowledgement to the Edu [...]
Full text:[...] stitution will require cannot well be indicated, because it could utilize any amount of money. But even the minimum amount it can exist upon per annum it is difficult to indicate at present. To put 24 [...]
Full text:[...] 65 LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS AND DONORS TO THE MANCHESTER BRANCH ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. J. if. Abadi, N., Esq. . . 0 10 0 Adda, G. di G., Esq. . i I 0 Alexander, 13., Esq. 0 10 6 Altman, S., Esq. . . [...]
Full text:[...] m 73 4 Beddington,H.L.,Esq. (donation.) Beddington, J. H., Esq. 16, Sussex-pl.j N.W. Beddington, M., Esq. Lancaster-gate, W. Benjamin, M. H., Esq. Lancaster-gate, don. Bergtheil, J., Esq. 48, Clifton- [...]
Full text:[...] 66 Manchester Branch (continued)— Hildersheimer, S., Esq Ilumpus, I., Esq. Hyams, D., Esq. Hyman, L, Esq. Isaacs, Rev. Prof. Jacobson, A., Esq. Jacoby, E., Esq. Joel, I., Esq. . Josephi, H., Esq. Kauf [...]
Full text:[...] -8 EDUCATION AND JAFFA FUND. £• i 0 1 5 2 Abrahamson, A., Esq. A Widow's Mite . . Belisha, I. D., Esq. Benisch, Dr..... Bergtheil, J., Esq. . . Bischoffsheim, H. L, Esq. 50 Block, N., Esq., Birmingham [...]
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