Volumes in the collection: MS137/AJ95/150/1 Annual report 1872-3
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Full text:[...] 3° In conclusion, aware of the high and well deserved influence possessed by your Excellency with the governing circle in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the undersigned venture to ask that, when submi [...]
Full text:[...] 31 The concluding paragraph of the law provides that it is to come into force for some purposes in three months after its promulgation, and for others not until April next. The Roumanian Jews, being [...]
Full text:[...] 33 The indefatigable chairman of the Roumanian Committee, Sir Francis H. Goldsmid, has likewise been in communication on the subject with Earl Granville, who has addressed a despatch to the represent [...]
Full text:[...] 35 ests of justice and humanity whose sovereign rights your far-famed and brilliant eloquence has always so generously and magnanimously advocated and upheld, you will adopt prompt measures for the in [...]
Full text:[...] 36 the opportunity to do justice to, and to express my entire approval of the conduct of the worthy minister of state of the Spanish nation, whose noble feelings he faithfully interpreted, by demandin [...]
Full text:[...] the first available Thursday or on such other day as may be determined, once in every month from October to July inclusive. The Council may be convened whenever occasion shall require. Five members shall [...]
Full text:[...] 52 APPENDIX D. PETITION TO THE SHAH OF PERSIA. " To the High and Mighty Sovereign, the Shah of Persia, unto whom may God grant a long, peaceful, and prosperous reign, and establish his throne in the h [...]
Full text:[...] 70' LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS AND DONORS tothk BALLARAT BRANCH ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION President S. Hamburger, Esq. Treasurer: L. L. Meanowski, Esq. Hon. Sec. Rev. J. M. Goldreich. Abraham owitch, J., Esq [...]
Full text:[...] 71 LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS AND DONORS tothe ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. #» ADDLESTONE, SURREY. Falck, I., Esq. ... o 10 6 ALMERIA, SPAIN. Michaelsohn, Max, Esq. 050 BELFAST. Betzold, G., Esq. . . 0 10 0 Bo [...]
Full text:[...] 6i -* LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS AND DONORS TO THE LIVERPOOL BRANCH OF THR ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. J. (f. Anton, M S., Esq. Aronsberg, M., Esq. . 0 5 0 0 5 0 Barnard, A., Esq. . . 0 5 0 Behrend, G.,*Esq [...]
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