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Full text:[...] Seward Pearce, H.C.E. John P. Montgomery, H.C.S.W. Charles Bush, H.S.C.R. George Payne, H.C.J.W. William Berry, BC.C.T. William S. Still, H.C.S.B. Alfred James Dyer, H.G.S. George Henry Rose, [...]
Full text:[...] R.N. ... ' "The Cuckoo" ...w Mrs. Francis Thomson. Character Sketch... "The Lifeboatman " Mr. William West. Cornet Solo... " Les Folies" (with Orchestral Accompaniment) Mr. Ernest Jones. i Song [...]
Full text:[...] Solomon Levy, and Joseph Pariente, of Gibraltar; by Rabbi Joseph de A. Elmaleh of Mogador; by Mr. William Seligman of Paris, and by several other influential friends of this Association. Encouragement of [...]
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