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Full text:[...] who, after having taught the translation of the first book, goes on to the second and then to the third, after which the aid of the monitor can be dispensed with, as the pupils ascertain the meaning of [...]
Full text:[...] In the Fourth Standard, four were presented for examination, and two came up successful. In the Third Standard, two out of four passed in all heads. In the Second Standard, two out of six passed. In [...]
Full text:[...] to be imparted. In the first class I counted twenty pupils; in the second, thirty-six; and in the third, fifty-eight. The rooms of the house are, however, too small for the numbers to be accommodated, [...]
Full text:[...] Civil War was to last three bloody years from 1936 to 1939. In this bitter conflict, there was a third Spain, which did not want to take up arms, but to live in peace. War, hunger, revolution, [...]
Full text:[...] more willingly send their children, and where they would be prepared for further schooling; a third member demands the addition, pure and simple, of a house of learning to the Agricultural School at [...]
Full text:[...] from becoming owners of land, is that there is a large quantity of land, amounting to nearly a third of the agricultural soil of the country, which belongs to the State. This is periodically let to [...]
Full text:[...] Benjamin, Esq. | R. M. Marks, Esq. Ezekiel Nathan, Esq. April 11 ill, 1880—5640. In presenting the third Annual Report of the above Branch, the Committee regret to state that the receipts for the past [...]
Full text:[...] response. In the first Infant School there are 150 girls, in the second there are 80, and in the third there are 80 boys. The future prospect of these children is anything but cheering. Help will be [...]
Full text:[...] granted a subvention, in 1886, Hebrew had been taught through the Roumanian language. In the third class some Psalms were translated into the Roumanian language. Great satisfaction was expressed by [...]
Full text:[...] years have now gone by since the Anglo-Jewish Association was formed, and for the third time the Council appear before the public to give an account of the manner in which they have [...]
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