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Shore, T.W.
Shore, T.W.
Full text:[...] J. C. Hearnshaw, M.A., LL.M. William Burrough Hill, F.S.I W. F. Masom, M.A. Henry Rose. T. W. Shore, F.G.S. S. Stainer. H. G. Thorn. Denis De Vitr6, [...]
Full text:[...] Study in the New Forest— 251 The Domed Sky, Bitterne— „ 255 Southampton, from Hythe Shore— ,, 256 Bitterne, after Snow— ,, 257 Netley Hospital from Bursledon— „ 258 Sunrise on Bitterne [...]
Full text:[...] built 1794. Fine cupola at E. end. Ceiling 6t feet span. Monument by Flaxman. ARCADE, THE, Western Shore Road. A series of defensive arches outside Town Wall. 14th century. ARUNDEL TOWER, or Wind whistle [...]
Full text:[...] was destroyed in the construction of the Docks. There were also bathing machines on the Millbrook Shore, but these were also removed in the formation of the Dorchester Railway. An attempt was made to [...]
Full text:[...] with the top of the lofty fortifications commanding a beautiful view of the Test and opposite shores, and of the adjoining Towers, which we shall presently describe in speaking of the roadJiat their [...]
Full text:[...] Royal in Above Bar Street is of deserved fame and repute. The Pier Hotel and the In man (Western Shore) are " homes from home." The Story of Southampton. Pre-historic man liked living at Southampton, [...]
Full text:[...] place ...... ... 50 Waterloo terrace, Bedford place 50 Westbrook terrace, Bevois town 50 Western shore road ... ... 51 Western terrace, Chapel road ... 51 Western view, see Western shore road ......- [...]
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