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Shore, T.W.
Shore, T.W.
Full text:[...] ditto Propitiatory Prayer-book, the Remission of Vows, Prayer to be offered on the Sea-shore, and Benediction for the Qneen...... Hebrew 1st Book, with translation in Marathi....... Children [...]
Full text:[...] to the fact that the principal walls of the houses are constructed of sand, taken from the shore and intermixed with large quantities of salt. Owing to this combination and the consequent [...]
Full text:[...] for reaching the High Street is by turning to the left 011 leaving the Terminus, passing along the Shore, by the Platform and its guns, a few hundred yards to the Town Quay, and so traversing the chief [...]
Full text:[...] of disputes in the tin trade, of which traces remain in the alternative name of the Western Shore—Tin Shore; and as textile manufactures were then better known in the south than now, woollen and [...]
Full text:[...] a few traces left of the town wall, but turning-down Orchard-street, to the right, on reaching the shore there are some of the most perfect remains in the kingdom illustrative of the methods of defence [...]
Full text:[...] enable us to realize somewhat of its beauty in the days of its glory. The walk to it along the sea shore is peculiarly pleasant when the tide is in. On the way we pass the hamlet of Weston, which Cobbett [...]
Full text:[...] at 4,500 to 5,000 souls. Y.—SCHOOL AT EARACHE. The Captain gave us but five hours to be on shore at Earache,* but I was determined to attempt to land and see the School. The School was [...]
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