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Full text:[...] from Spain and the Basque Country, as well as from local authorities in the UK, took part in a series of events, to remember and pay homage to the volunteers who cared for the children in [...]
Full text:[...] which this Association might be disposed to make to the leading members of the Beni Israel. A series of questions was accordingly prepared, and was forwarded by Mr. Mankar. The replies which were [...]
Full text:[...] amongst the poorer classes of the Mogador Jews. The Council of the Association prepared a series of questions upon this subject, which were circulated partly through the instrumentality of Her [...]
Full text:[...] concerning the subject of the Chacliam Basin's appeal, the Secretary was directed to send a series of questions to Her Britannic Majesty's Consul at Tripoli, Mr. F. Ringler Drummond Hay. The reply [...]
Full text:[...] upon receipt of this letter, it was determined to obtain further particulars, and a series of questions was drawn up and submitted to M. Lurion, and in reply to them the following letter [...]
Full text:[...] trace the history of the Jews of Bagdad from their infancy to death, is to follow them through a series of adverse and injurious conditions. The existing ignorance and superstition are natural when we [...]
Full text:[...] are not permitted to go begging in the streets. They receive * This article written iu answer to a series of questions, was prepared by M. Pariente during his visit to London in the autumn of 1880.—A. [...]
Full text:[...] of studies the boys and girls did well. Hebrew is taught in an intelligent and practical manner. A series of Hebrew books is required, but funds are wanting for this purpose. In 1886 a Drawing Class was [...]
Full text:[...] the jealousy of the rest of the population, led on by the bigotry of the clergy, and, after a series of persecutions and ineffectual efforts at their wholesale conversion, [...]
Full text:[...] were held. There was further appointed a Sub-Committee, whose task it was to prepare an exhaustive series of Lists containing the names of such residents as were unattached to the Association. These Lists [...]
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