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Full text:[...] OF ADMISSION; Private Boxes, 10s, 6d,, or Is, 6d, each Person, Stalls and Balcony, Is. SECOND PRICE AT NINE O'CLOCK; Private Boxes, Is. Stalls, 6d. Body of Hall, 6d,, half returned in [...]
Full text:[...] Jpsforo RH& Antiquities. TO THE DELEGATES compobixq the FORTY-SECOND HIGH COURT MEETING #±cr of jCorfskrs, ASSEMBLED AT SOUTHAMPTON, AUGUST. 1875, this sketch (By Bro. [...]
Full text:[...] (founded during the First Republic, outlawed during the dictatorship and resurrected during the Second Republic), which had the aims of establishing a university for the people, defending the [...]
Full text:[...] with the monitor, who, after having taught the translation of the first book, goes on to the second and then to the third, after which the aid of the monitor can be dispensed with, as the pupils [...]
Full text:[...] SECOND EDITION.! (O Re John Aslatt. Deceased, and Others. To INVESTORS, SPECULATORS, & BUILDERS. THOS [...]
Full text:[...] read, wrote and spelled well, and had a good knowledge of geography and arithmetic. Several in the second class, consisting of 9 boys, are also well advanced in their studies. The third, fourth, and fifth [...]
Full text:[...] at Bucharest in answer to the first part of the question. It does not, however, answer the second pan., and I will, therefore, ask the Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, if he can now answer the [...]
Full text:[...] Mr. R. I). Sassoon, another of its Vice-Presidents, to repeat the experiment. Particulars of the second soiree will be found detailed hereafter. The past year has been in many ways a most prosperous [...]
Full text:[...] Anglo-Jewish Association, in connection with the Alliance Israelite Univmelle, in presenting its Second Annual Report to the members and the general public, is pleased to be able to state that the past [...]
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