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Full text:[...] Sultan to Demnat to investigate the complaint, and to convey a Shereefian Decree to the Governor regarding the privileges which Jews were to enjoy. On arrival of the Commissioners at Demnat the Jews were [...]
Full text:[...] studies of the Arabic language in preparation for his travels. He has sent an interesting account regarding a section of the Jews in the Tunisian Regency,* and has promised to supply the Association with [...]
MS137/AJ95/ADD6 Executive committee minute book of the Anglo-Jewish Association
MS137/AJ37/1/4 Council minute book for the Anglo-Jewish Association
Full text:[...] S. Schlank, and others. III.—INDIA. Some information having been obtained from Sir Barrow Ellis regarding the Beni Israel, a community of Jews settled in India, the Secretary addressed himself to Mr. [...]
Full text:[...] £150 towards the completion of the estimated building fund of £4,000. . Whilst the correspondence regarding the Salonica School continued, it was suggested to the Association that a training school should [...]
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