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Full text:[...] Sultan to Demnat to investigate the complaint, and to convey a Shereefian Decree to the Governor regarding the privileges which Jews were to enjoy. On arrival of the Commissioners at Demnat the Jews were [...]
Full text:[...] studies of the Arabic language in preparation for his travels. He has sent an interesting account regarding a section of the Jews in the Tunisian Regency,* and has promised to supply the Association with [...]
Full text:[...] S. Schlank, and others. III.—INDIA. Some information having been obtained from Sir Barrow Ellis regarding the Beni Israel, a community of Jews settled in India, the Secretary addressed himself to Mr. [...]
Full text:[...] £150 towards the completion of the estimated building fund of £4,000. . Whilst the correspondence regarding the Salonica School continued, it was suggested to the Association that a training school should [...]
Full text:[...] entertained by the Association regarding the insecurity of the Jews in Persia. The question of forming Schools in Persia was the subject of [...]
Full text:[...] Jewish communities of that country. He has favoured the Association with instructive statements regarding the schools at Tangier, Alcazar, Fez, Mogador, Larache and Tetuan, and he has directed attention [...]
Full text:[...] by a grant of £100 from the funds of the Anglo-Jewish Association. '* An instructive statement regarding the Jews in Smyrna lias been prepared by M. Pariente, and will be found in Appendix [...]
Full text:[...] Governors, or in urging that justice should be done. I may have, however, been kept in ignorance regarding the action of my colleagues at the Moorish court, and it would be a satisfaction for me if the [...]
Full text:[...] the President and Elders of the Jewish communities dwelling in Europe. After making enquiries regarding you and regarding your welfare, and beseeching God to preserve us and you in health and happiness, [...]
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