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Full text:[...] however, are as follows. We were requested by that gentleman to convey to the Rabbins of Sanaa the papers which were entrusted to us for that purpose. We complied with that request and waited for an [...]
Full text:[...] of Parliament, His Grace the Duke of Somerset, gave notice in the House of Lords to ask for papers relating to the persecution of the Jews in Russia. In the House of Commons, on the same day, Mr. [...]
Full text:[...] the outbreak of the disturbances in a portion of the Turkish dominions, the daily papers repeatedly stated, that diplomatic arrangements were under discussion for the purpose of giving [...]
Full text:[...] well-timed, for shortly after the dispatch of the letter to Her Majesty's Government, the daily papers reported the atrocious murder of a Jew at Hamadan, and the narrative of that event served as a [...]
Full text:[...] in the East, see page 102.) 3. Every Honorary Secretary will be put in possession of canvassing papers for the use of ladies and gentlemen who will form Canvassing Committees in aid of the Educational [...]
Full text:[...] exhausted. While this report was being prepared for the press,, a statement appeared in the daily papers that the Slcuptschina had agreed, in accordance with the Treaty of Berlin, to admit the Jews to [...]
Full text:[...] : or carefully colored, Is, 6d. PRINTS, & c. Above Bar Street, Is. royal 4to, fine paper. Letter Papers, 2d. Above Bar and Aslatt's Andrews' Factory Arcade in West Walls Avenue Bargate Bernard [...]
Full text:[...] (e) That the election shall be by ballot. (d) That an advertisement be inserted in the Jewish papers on the last Friday in the month of May and the first Friday in the month of June to the following [...]
Full text:[...] reports having appeared in the daily papers about the contemplated expulsion of Jews from the region of the Don Cossacks, inquiries into the [...]
Full text:[...] very careful consideration of the subject, Her Majesty's Government have * In the Parliamentary papers for 1881, under the heading " Russia, Nos. 3 & 4," issued in accordance with a request made by [...]
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