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Full text:[...] remedy the dangerous defects of the Jewish institutions in Constantinople. 4 I.—The Jew as an Ottoman Subject. The free enjoyment of religious, civil, and political rights was conceded to all subjects [...]
Full text:[...] and the secular authorities. This second charter reiterated the concession of equal rights to all Ottoman subjects of the Sultan, without any distinction of creed. It also declared that all youths were [...]
Full text:[...] Council have been gratified to learn that such a distinguished representative of the Ottoman Government as Midhat Pasha, Governor-General of Syria, took an ardent interest in the intellectual [...]
Full text:[...] for the present be fully carried into effect, owing to difficulties which are interposed by the Ottoman Government. IV.—8ERVIA. As the interposition of the Anglo-Jewish Association has in former years [...]
Full text:[...] taken place on this subject, the Council ascertained that the sale had been stopped, and that the Ottoman Government would under no condition sanction the alienation of property which was held in equal [...]
Full text:[...] (Signed) BEUST. Baron Henry de Worms, President of the Anglo-Jewish Association. Sir, Imperial Ottoman Embassy, London, 12th April, 1873. I have had the honor to receive your letter of the 8th instant, [...]
Full text:[...] Vienna to the danger of tacitly permitting the disabilities of the Jews to be perpetuated in the Ottoman Empire, and they addressed the following Memorial to Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign [...]
Full text:[...] of tailors, bootmakers, tin-smiths, and butchers. Neither in Constantinople nor in any part of the Ottoman territory do [...]
Full text:[...] better days are dawning for them. With regard to Palestine and the restrictions imposed by the Ottoman Government upon Jewish immigrants, some information will be found in the pages of this Report. [...]
Full text:[...] at the borders of Palestine, were refused permission to enter the country. It was stated that the Ottoman Government had issued a decree that all immigrants should be expelled after the expiration of [...]
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