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Full text:[...] and returning to the nearest stand after ^ being discharged,) within, and not exceeding, thirty minutes -20 Above thirty minutes, and not exceeding forty-five minutes ...... Above forty-five minutes, [...]
Full text:[...] 1845. I. May 6, an annular eclipse of the sun, partly visible at Southampton, begins at 8 hours 31 minutes morning, middle of eclipse 9 hours 36 minutes, and ends 10 hours 47 minutes. II. May 8, a transit [...]
Full text:[...] 1669 to 1689 A.D.—Book of Examinations and Recognizances, ancl of Minutes of Proceedings at Sessions of the Peace. (ddd) 1679 to 1734 A.D.—Book of Orders and of Minutes of [...]
Full text:[...] E. WATER SUPPLY OF JERUSALEM. Extract from minutes of Council-Meeting held on the $th December, 1872 :— " Mr. Lumley having laid on the table an [...]
Full text:[...] INFORMATION. 409 exceeding forty-five minutes, 2s. 6d.; above forty-five minutes and not ex-ceeding one hour, 3s. ; and for any further time [...]
Full text:[...] 8d.; for two horses, ls.6d.; 4d. for a quarter of a mile or less additional, For two horses thirty minutes or less, 2s.; forty-five minutes, 2s.6d.; one hour, 3s. ; for each fifteen minutes beyond, 8d. For [...]
Full text:[...] 1G02-3 A.D.—Assembly Book; Register of Orders and of Minutes of Proceedings in Municipal Assemblies. (i/) 1606-7 A.D.—Assembly Book ; Register of Orders and of [...]
Full text:[...] Stand, and returning to the nearest Stand after being discharged) within and not exceeding thirty minutes, Is. 6d.; above thirty minutes, and not exceeding forty-five minutes, 2s.; above forty-five [...]
Full text:[...] ROOMS Opposite Dock Gates, Southampton. HOT JOINTS ... ... from 1 to 3. CHOPS AND STEAKS- (Three Minutes walk to Station and Steamers.) This Hotel is under New Management, and has been re-decorated and [...]
Full text:[...] sent meet Train receipt of Notice The Messengers waiting minutes charge 2d. for ea& hal&ho%r from time of arrival so occupied. carried by oife Boy these [...]
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