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Full text:[...] E. WATER SUPPLY OF JERUSALEM. Extract from minutes of Council-Meeting held on the $th December, 1872 :— " Mr. Lumley having laid on the table an [...]
Full text:[...] the Earl of Beaconsfield, K.Gr., the Council resolved that the following entry be made on the minutes of their proceedings :— " The Council hereby put on record the expression of their deep regret at [...]
Full text:[...] could not accompany me. I was agreeably surprised by the situation of our property. It is about 45 minutes' walk distant from the town of Jaffa, by the high road to Jerusalem, which runs right through it [...]
Full text:[...] and grief. And it was furthermore Resolved—That these several resolutions be inscribed in the minutes, and a copy sent to the family of the late Rev. Dr. de Sola. (Signed) Louis Davis, Lyon [...]
Full text:[...] Esq. Reuben Benjamin Penker, Esq. Joseph Ezekiel Rajpoorker, Esq. Jacob Samuel Shirkolker, Esq. Minutes of a General Meeting of the Members of the Bombay Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, held at [...]
Full text:[...] child to read. The pupil screams out the letters with all his might. After a lesson of about ten minutes, during which the other children remain idle, the next infant receives a similar amount of [...]
Full text:[...] each book is repeated again before the Master and each pupil cross-examined for about 15 or 20 minutes at a time. In a lesson of 1J hours there will have been reading, with corrections in [...]
Full text:[...] and three in the afternoon. After every hour and a half there intervenes a recreation of ten minutes. The food consists of soup and a liberal allowance of breach Meat soup is given twice a week, oil [...]
Full text:[...] Esq. COMMITTEE. Joseph Ezekiel, Esq. S. M. Moses, Esq. Silas E. Bassoon, Esq. S. E. Shellim, Esq. Minutes of a Meeting of the leading Members of the Jewish Community, held at the office of Messrs. David [...]
Full text:[...] in this the hour of his great affliction. Resolved—That these resolutions be entered in the minutes of this Branch, and that a copy of them be presented to Mr. Davis. (Signed) Meldola de Sola, ) J. [...]
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