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Full text:[...] vigilant superintendence is essentially requisite to ensure an accurate adjustment of such minute mecha- nlS Watches Manufactured on the Premises: the most superior materials used in their [...]
Full text:[...] AND SILVERSMITHS, 5, ABOVE BAR, SOUTHAMPTON, opposite the philharmonic eoom8, and one minute fbom place op meeting of the high court. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE COUNTY FOR USEFUL AND [...]
Full text:[...] in.atrh of the Saints' campaign. Northampton were the visitors, and drew 1< vel in the last minute of the game. Those in the photograph arc: Standing (reading from left to right) : Mr. A. A. Wood [...]
Full text:[...] flowing lor nearly 7 hours; there is a narrow stream which continues running in lor 15 or •20 minutes after high water in the Harbour. Signals for Pilots. —" The following Signals, numbered 1 and 9; [...]
Full text:[...] it. Thh architecttntu op n etxey Abbey is that of the Early English or Transition, and though its minute details are greatly defaced, it must be considered a very fine example. It was founded by Henry [...]
Full text:[...] these docks by steam engines capable of raising and discharging into the river 125 tons of water a minute, and owing to this exceptional accommodation, combined with the peculiarity to Southampton of a [...]
Full text:[...] who from ill health are obliged to return to their native land. Fortunately these bear but a minute proportion to the many thousands sent from Liverpool to America last year. f,fc 1SnU^tIie. highest [...]
Full text:[...] history of Territorial Surveys is curious and interesting. One of the earliest as well as most minute of r 2 II I p::'( R [...]
Full text:[...] at Farlington, the machinery of which is capable of raising water at the rate of 1078 gallons a minute. A boring carried 80 feet into the chalk at Watford, in Herts, supplied a London Water Company. [...]
Full text:[...] a trace. The iron contained in the above analysis evidently proceeds from a spring, and from the minute quantity that exists, is not sufficient to render it the least injurious to the constitution by [...]
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