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Full text:[...] OF THE JEWS IN RUSSIA. 51 .A APPENDIX A. PERSECUTION OP THE JEWS IN RUSSIA. Requisition to the Lord Mayor of London. To the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor of the City of Loudon. My Lord,—- We the [...]
Full text:[...] of the Queen of Great Britain, Sir J. D. Hay, the letter you addressed to the presence of our Lord, Exalted by God, the mighty Sultan, our Lord andmaster Hassan—may God cause him to'be honoured and [...]
Full text:[...] copies of which, are appended to this Report, were forwarded by the Branch to the Right Honourable Lord Justice Lush on the death of Lady Lush ; to Mrs. Arthur Q. Henriques and her family, on the death [...]
Full text:[...] distribution of prizes took place on the 22nd March, and was honoured with the presence of Lord Reay, Governor of Bombay, and Lady Reay. Three girls of the School, Miss Rebecca Haeem, Miss [...]
Full text:[...] and to expose Russian Jewish subjects to the outbreaks of fanatical ignorance. 3.—That the Lord Mayor be requested to forward a copy of these resolutions to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone and [...]
Full text:[...] Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association to the members of the family of the late Eight Honourable Lord Justice Lush, on the sad occasion of his death:— " The members of the Leeds Branch of the [...]
Full text:[...] Mr. Justice Chitty ;* Sir Farrer Herschell, Q.O., M.P., Solicitor-Oreneral; The Right Hon. The Lord Mayor of York (Mr. Alderman T. Yarley), The Lord Provost of Glasgow (Hon. John TJre), The Lord [...]
MS137/AJ37/1/4 Council minute book for the Anglo-Jewish Association
Full text:[...] denominations, as also of representative men in politics, science, and literature, was sent to the Lord Mayor of London, Mr. (now Sir) J. Whittaker Ellis, to convene a public meeting at the Mansion [...]
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