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Full text:[...] and with whom the Secretary of the Anglo-Jewish Association then had an interview. From subsequent letters it appeared that Jewish women at Ispahan had to resort to a bathing-house which was owned by a [...]
Full text:[...] requirements of the Jewish Community at Aden. The correspondents transmitted at the same time letters which they had received from Sanaa, in Yemen (Southern Arabia).J The correspondence thus opened, [...]
Full text:[...] on some further details they requested that the Anglo-Jewish Association should obtain for them letters of protection (they termed such letters British Passports) so that they might safely return to [...]
Full text:[...] assisted the Council in their communications with the Persian authorities. Need of Jewish Schools.—Letters from various parts of Persia dwell upon the great desideratum of establishing Jewish Schools in [...]
Full text:[...] with further data of his researches amongst the Jews. IX.—PERSIA. Ispahan.—In the month of July letters were received from the heads of the Jewish Community at * See Appendix A. c [...]
Full text:[...] to carry into effect any change in the systematic oppression of the Jews. In the month of August, letters were received complaining of the cruelty with which Jews earning an honest livelihood were [...]
Full text:[...] -a k Sultan. This news was soon corroborated by letters from Morocco and Gibraltar, including one from Isaac Amar himself, who expressed his profound [...]
Full text:[...] destitute were referred to private charity and were generously relieved. BAGDAD, &c.—Telegrams and letters applying for immediate help reached the Anglo-Jewish Association from Bagdad, Diarbekr, Mosul, as [...]
Full text:[...] correspondence has been actively carried on between this Branch and the Parent Body, and the letters received in reply, acknowledging the earnest interest your Branch have taken in supporting and [...]
Full text:[...] and the Anatolian maritime town of Tchesme, the Anglo-Jewish Association received telegrams and letters imploring the Council to assist in relieving the misery of hundreds of Jewish families. A large [...]
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