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Full text:[...] Letters. A letter can be registered at the Post Office, which means that the Postmaster acknowledges [...]
Full text:[...] for Closing the Letter Box at the Post Office, Hanover Buildings. The hours for closing the letter box at the Post [...]
Full text:[...] & CO., [Late Fletcher,] LETTER-PRESS & COPPER-PLATE PRINTERS, No. 14 3, HIGH-STREET, SOUTHAMPTON. C JL [...]
Full text:[...] OF SOUTHAMPTON. K * Orders by Letter ob .Wire Promptly Executed. TELEPHONE No. 19. YACHTS SUPPLIED. m EDWARD LANHAM & SON A&f High [...]
Full text:[...] at 10 at night, for one hour, for the London (night) and Exeter mails. 5.—Hours for closing the Letter Box at the Receiving House at Mr. WeWsj 41, High-street. At the Receiving House at Mr. Webb's, [...]
Full text:[...] INFORMATION. 19 are the rates of postage for prepaid letters. If letters are not prepaid, the rates are doubled. An easy method of reckoning the postage on [...]
Full text:[...] on Re-directed Letters. Letters when re-directed are subjected to additional postage, but the rates are not doubled if [...]
Full text:[...] y.—ADEN AND YEMEN. Soon after the last annual meeting, a letter * was received from the Rabbins of Aden, supplementing the information given to Mr. Alfred Falk [...]
Full text:[...] August 21th, 1875. Sir, I am directed by the Earl of Derby to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 19th inst., respecting the ill-treatment to which you state the Jewish population in Persia [...]
Full text:[...] also to the bereaved family of the late illustrious President. The Council further decided that a letter of condolence be forwarded to Mr. J. Russell Lowell, the United States Minister at the Court of [...]
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