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Full text:[...] y.—ADEN AND YEMEN. Soon after the last annual meeting, a letter * was received from the Rabbins of Aden, supplementing the information given to Mr. Alfred Falk [...]
Full text:[...] August 21th, 1875. Sir, I am directed by the Earl of Derby to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 19th inst., respecting the ill-treatment to which you state the Jewish population in Persia [...]
Full text:[...] also to the bereaved family of the late illustrious President. The Council further decided that a letter of condolence be forwarded to Mr. J. Russell Lowell, the United States Minister at the Court of [...]
Full text:[...] between the followers of different creeds. X.—MOROCCO. Redress op Grievances.—In July, 1881, a letter was received • from the Foreign Office, to the effect that through the action taken by Sir John [...]
Full text:[...] ANNUAL REPORT. Copy of a letter from the Manchester Branch of the Anglo -Jewish Association:— Manchester, April 21sf, 1880. Dear [...]
Full text:[...] religions. As to the special impost laid on them according to the information mentioned in your letter, I have called the attention of the Imperial Government to it, and I do not doubt that they will [...]
Full text:[...] of letter received by the Honorary Secretary of the Branch from Baron Henry de Worms, M.P., President of the [...]
Full text:[...] treatment to the Jewish population residing in the vast provinces placed under his jurisdiction. A letter of thanks, accompanied by a Persian translation, bore the signatures of Baron Henry de Worms, [...]
Full text:[...] AFFAIRS. 17 I! In accordance with a further resolution of the Council, a letter, embodying the preceding entry, was sent to Mr. Ralph Disraeli, and copies of this letter were [...]
Full text:[...] returned from his travels in Africa. Dr. Rohlfs addressed The Times upon this subject, in a letter dated the 3rd of June. In a private letter to that correspondent he states: " I can give you the [...]
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