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Hits: 1897
Full text:[...] Interview witi-i Sir John Drummond Hay.— Last autumn, when Sir John Drummond Hay, H. M. Minister at Tangier, was on a [...]
Full text:[...] Foreign Office on February 11th and March 1st, the Anglo-Jewish Association was informed that Sir John Drummond Hay had with good effect urged on the Sultan's Government to punish, by means of fines, [...]
Full text:[...] ANNUAL REPORT. Board, of Deputies, Mr. Henry Harris and Mr. Lewis Emanuel. At this interview Sir John entered into full particulars concerning the relations which existed between the Jews and the [...]
Full text:[...] and conditions of sale v OF VALUABLE freehold, leasehold, & copyhold PROPERTIES OF JOHN PARSONS, ESQ. SITUATE AT SOUTHAMPTON, SHIRLEY, NURSLING, MILLBROOK, WICKHAM, STUBBING TON § [...]
Full text:[...] old-established "ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON HOUSEHOLD ALMANACK" and TIDE TABLES, published annually by JOHN ADAMS, IX SHIPPING AGENT, &e., 49, Oxford Street, Southampton. QUIDS BOOKS, LOCAL VIEWS, ETC., [...]
Full text:[...] trial of Amar. An appeal at the same time made by the President of the Association to Sir John Drummond Hay elicited a reassuring reply. Thanks due to Sir John were accordingly conveyed to him [...]
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