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Full text:[...] HENRY MARCH GILBERT O SONS, " yc Oide Bokc Sboppc," 254, Above Bar, [...]
Full text:[...] and we may judge of the importance of this trade from the fact that in the time of Henry VI. no less stately a personage than Sir Thomas Coke, the mayor of London, was the collector of [...]
Full text:[...] Zossenheim, Esq., President. Abraham Cohen, Esq., Vice-President. Jacob Sloman, Esq., Treasurer. Henry Worms, Esq., Hon. Secretary. Hyman Klugman, Esq. Paul Hirsch, Esq. Henry Josephy, Esq. Bernard [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. ■ HONORARY OFFICER. Henry Barnett, Hon. Secretary. M \ . [...]
Full text:[...] of letter received by the Honorary Secretary of the Branch from Baron Henry de Worms, M.P., President of the Association, in reply to one addressed to him on the sad occasion [...]
Full text:[...] The site of the residence of the Earls of Southampton in the 16th century—where Shakespeare (see Henry V.) might have visited Henry Wriothesley, the bearer of that title, to whom he dedicated his " [...]
Full text:[...] Rev. H. G-ollancz. Rev. Isidore Harris. Alfred g. Henriques, Esq. B. Kisci-i, Esq., M.A., B.Sc. Henry Lazarus, Esq. M. Lehmaier, Esq. Rev. A. Lowy. Algernon M. Marsden, Esq. J. G. Montefiore, Esq. [...]
Full text:[...] Payne, H.C.J.W. William Berry, BC.C.T. William S. Still, H.C.S.B. Alfred James Dyer, H.G.S. George Henry Rose, H.C.J.B. Samuel Shawcross, P.S. George Hallson, D.C.R. George Savage, D.S.C.E. Samuel P. [...]
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