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Full text:[...] or the establishment of new Schools. The Council appeal to the Jewish Communities of the British Empire to enable the Association to extend its useful work, by providing the necessary funds for that [...]
Full text:[...] which in the palace of the Czar, in his capital, in all the towns and hamlets of his vast Empire, proclaim the joyful marriage of a princess beloved by all; amid the songs of joy of a whole [...]
Full text:[...] to the danger of tacitly permitting the disabilities of the Jews to be perpetuated in the Ottoman Empire, and they addressed the following Memorial to Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs [...]
Full text:[...] to indigenous persons has produced the utmost consternation amongst the Jews in the Moorish Empire, they having always regarded Consular protection as the best safeguard, both for their personal [...]
Full text:[...] kind to operate. If the Jews were to be efficiently protected, it must be by powers outside the Empire which would be influential within the Empire. In the name of humanity he asked for further [...]
Full text:[...] JEWS IN MOROCCO. 67 aI jk. V unanimously withdraw their protection from the Jews throughout the Empire. Those Moors scarcely conceal their impatience,. for during the late outrages in Fez, although as [...]
Full text:[...] his Excellency, who is distinguished for his benevolent sentiments towards the Jews in the Moorish Empire. In acknowledging this letter, Sir W. Kirby Green observed :—" Had not entire abstention from all [...]
Full text:[...] the Jews must be, and the fact is only too patent that they have no part or inheritance in the Empire of Russia. The Alliance of Paris and this Association resolved, if possible, to plead the cause of [...]
MS137/AJ95/ADD2 Council minute book for the Anglo-Jewish Association
MS137/AJ95/ADD2 Council minute book for the Anglo-Jewish Association
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