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Full text:[...] E. WATER SUPPLY OF JERUSALEM. Extract from minutes of Council-Meeting held on the $th December, 1872 :— " Mr. Lumley having laid on the table an appeal and [...]
Full text:[...] TO JOURNALS. 39 XI. GRANTS TO JOURNALS. The Council having instituted an inquiry into the general contents of the journals published in the East, have [...]
Full text:[...] shall be inserted in the circular convening the meeting. 9. The Association shall be governed by a Council of not less than twenty, nor more than forty members, exclusive of ex-oflicio members. The [...]
Full text:[...] of the members of the Council shall retire annually in rotation, but shall be eligible for re-election. The portion of the [...]
Full text:[...] members. The Presidents of the Branches shall be ex-officio members of the Council, and shall be entitled to attend and vote at its meetings. 10. Half of the members of the Council [...]
Full text:[...] Council shall, at its first monthly meeting, elect an Executive Committee, consisting of not less than ten [...]
Full text:[...] Court, Maidenhead, Saturday 16 July 1938. The home at Bray Court was in the charge of a Berkshire Council committee, which had separate appeal committees in Reading, Maidenhead, Bray, Windsor and [...]
Full text:[...] to the want of properly supported schools, more than 10,000 children are left in ignorance. The Council venture to suggest to Members, especially those who now contribute fiye or ten shillings, to [...]
Full text:[...] 1878. , SOUTHAMPTON TIMES AND HAMPSHIRE EXPRESS—CO ONTY PAPER. sees m msmst imm UIKIIAHTIJgY COUNCIL ^Hmotwcw^y [...]
Full text:[...] April in each year, or oftener if required, furnish the Council with an account of its own transactions, and with particulars of its financial position. 8. Any [...]
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