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Full text:[...] OF CONTENTS—continued. Be 1 YIII. Schools in the East—continued. Broussa Bucharest . Constantinople Crajova Damascus . Fez Haifa . Jassy . Jerusalem . Mogador . Philippopolis Rustchuk . Salonica [...]
Full text:[...] C.—JEWISH COMMUNITY IN CONSTANTINOPLE. 77 taught by foreign masters than to the lessons given by native teachers. Geography and history [...]
Full text:[...] annual report. Constantinople. — Girls' Schools and Infant Schools.—In pressing appeals, received, first from Sign or and Madame [...]
MS137/AJ95/ADD3 Council minute book for the Anglo-Jewish Association
Full text:[...] annual report. APPENDIX C. THE JEWS OF CONSTANTINOPLE: A Study of their Communal and Educational Status. By the Rev. A. Lowy. Constantinople lias one of [...]
Full text:[...] C. -THE JEWS OF CONSTANTINOPLE. 69 i.—It is imperatively necessary that the local schools (the Talmud Torahs) be re-organised. [...]
Full text:[...] of January, stating that the desired instructions would be sent to Her Majesty's Ambassador at Constantinople. At the end of February, the Council had the gratification of receiving the following important [...]
Full text:[...] of copies. A similar amount was subscribed for the Judseo-Spanish journal, the Tempo, published at Constantinople, it having been ascertained that its influence is advantageous to the Jewish Community in the [...]
Full text:[...] good management of the staff of teachers provided by the Committee they will continue to improve." Constantinople.—Through the unremitting exertions of Madame Fernandez, Jewish and secular education has this year [...]
MS137/AJ95/ADD2 Council minute book for the Anglo-Jewish Association
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