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Full text:[...] IN THE EAST. 71 of the Tunis School furnished the Council with a full statement concerning the requirements of the Trades School, and urged the importance of extending the accommodation to [...]
MS137/AJ37/14/2/2 Letterbook (overseas series) for M.Duparc, Secretary of the Anglo-Jewish Association
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Full text:[...] which, was made widely known through the daily press:— " The Council having heard statements concerning the present state of the Jewish Question in Roumania, and especially the statement that it had [...]
Full text:[...] Germany, Austria and America, to find a satisfactory mode of dealing with the complicated subjects concerning the Jewish population in Palestine. In addition, the Council were urged by influential Branches in [...]
Full text:[...] Roumelia.—A telegram was received by the Council in the early part of the current year concerning the distress of 600 homeless persons who were suffering in consequence of their expulsion from [...]
Full text:[...] for a Deputation to wait upon Earl Granville for the purpose of making-representations concerning the present situation of the Jews in [...]
Full text:[...] Mr. Henry Harris and Mr. Lewis Emanuel. At this interview Sir John entered into full particulars concerning the relations which existed between the Jews and the surrounding populations, and courteously [...]
Full text:[...] upon this subject, they follow the usual custom of dealing briefly with the principal events concerning the Association during the past year. The Council regret to have to announce several losses which [...]
Full text:[...] send. Letters were accordingly addressed to the principal Jews of that place, containing inquiries concerning the proposal that a Jewish School should be formed at Aden under the auspices of the Association. [...]
Full text:[...] has been obtained respecting the defective sanitary state of the Jewish quarters of Mogador, concerning which numerous complaints had been made, and which drew attention to the high rate of mortality [...]
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