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Full text:[...] Branches in the provinces, at which some of the Executive or prominent members of the Central Committee would attend. They believe it would also add to the consolidation of the Branches with the Central [...]
Full text:[...] claims of the Anglo-Jewish Association. From a perusal of the annexed List of the District Committee and Canvassers it will be observed that a prominent feature of this Committee consists in the [...]
Full text:[...] IN THE EAST. 93 every year, the Committee thought it expedient, since April last, to charge small fees to such of the children attending the [...]
Full text:[...] Maidenhead, Saturday 16 July 1938. The home at Bray Court was in the charge of a Berkshire Council committee, which had separate appeal committees in Reading, Maidenhead, Bray, Windsor and [...]
Full text:[...] which appears in the Appendix to this Report. The Executive, Education, and Ways and Means Committees are respectively elected out of the Council, to whom the general supervision of the business is [...]
Full text:[...] AFFAIRS.—JOINT COMMITTEE. 15 tion, and a Committee lias been appointed to co-operate in the attainment of this object. The [...]
Full text:[...] COMMITTEE. Leopold Schloss, Esq., Chairman. J. Bergtheil, Esq: I Rev. M. N. Nathan. M. H. Benjamin, Esq. I [...]
Full text:[...] Council shall, at its first monthly meeting, elect an Executive Committee, consisting of not less than ten members, of whom three shall form a quorum. 16. The Executive [...]
Full text:[...] L. Caro, Esq. I. Herman, Esq. S. Nashelski, Esq. P. Selig, Esq. Louis Cohen, Esq., Son. Sec. > The Committee of the Canterbury Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, in presenting the Annual Report for the [...]
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