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Full text:[...] ANNUAL REPORT. following passages occur {Blue the Emperor, in which the Book, p. 159):— " Our wish 'is that they (the Jews) obtain justice without " the intervention of the [...]
Full text:[...] and at the end of a further three months they can already translate nearly the whole of the first book. These first six months of preparation are passed under the superintendence of a monitor who, [...]
Full text:[...] Esq. Bernstein, Jacob, Esq. Bloeh, N. M., Esq. Bloustein, M., Esq. Boan, H., Esq.. Buan, R., Esq. Book, A., Esq. Book, S., Esq. . Book, Mrs. Boxhorn, J., Esq. Cohen, L., Esq. Cohen, M., Esq. Cohen, S., [...]
Full text:[...] translated the Hebrew Prayer Book into the Marathi languageP The Sephardim Daily Prayer Book has been translated by Mr. Shaloam [...]
Full text:[...] ditto of three Hymns from^ Ivipoor Makajore..... Ditto ditto Propitiatory Prayer-book, the Remission of Vows, Prayer to be offered on the Sea-shore, and Benediction for the [...]
Full text:[...] Alman, Abraham, Esq. . Bebro, J., Esq. Bernstein, Jacob, Esq. Bloch, N. M., Esq. Boan, H., Esq.. Book, A., Esq. Book, S., Esq. . Book, Mrs. Boxhorn, J., Esq. Cohn, J. J., Esq.. Cohen, L., Esq. Cohen, [...]
Full text:[...] p&Bj%&aaz).. ig., ay pasr ig. w.; THE NEW FOREST HANDBOOK, WITH A MAP, .ITINERARY, AND COPIOUS INDEX. By Bro. C. J. Phillips, of the Hampshire [...]
Full text:[...] u Soci(jte L'Avenir," in Salonica, which has published under the title of " Eecontos Morales " a book of moral tales, together with outlines of the principles of Judaism, for the benefit of Jewish [...]
Full text:[...] grant under its Your Heritage scheme for a project to record life-story interviews of the ninos. A book, Alicia Pozo-Gutierrez and Padmini Broomfield, 'Here, look after him'. Voices of Basque [...]
Full text:[...] the Beni Israel schools of their own, teachers of their own people, and any school books peculiar to the Beni Israel ? If so note down the names of the books. We have only one school, [...]
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