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Full text:[...] will be put into possession of that liberty which may be considered the birthright of humanity. Austria-Hungary.—We now pass into Austria-Hungary, the country which, next to Russia, includes the largest [...]
Full text:[...] Government, which, therefore, desired to get rid of such compromising documents at any cost. Austria, especially, with 25,000 or more proteges, was in this respect a constant thorn in the side of [...]
Full text:[...] as it would be in the interest of Austria to exert her powerful influence to avert the calamity, the means for accomplishing this object are [...]
MS137/AJ95/ADD2 Council minute book for the Anglo-Jewish Association
Full text:[...] the first place care should be taken that in the intended commercial treaty between Roumania and Austria, Article I. should be modified in conformity with the Berlin Treaty, that is to say, all [...]
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