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Full text:[...] Israelite, which will also pay the salary of a teacher of mechanics at the same School. This arrangement, which it is anticipated will exercise considerable moral influence on the relations between Jews [...]
Full text:[...] and Zoroastrians, for whom I have lately obtained concessions from the Persian Government. This arrangement makes it incumbent upon the Persian authorities to see that the Jewish community, like the [...]
Full text:[...] ; but as one of the Chief Secretaries at the Court told me confidentially that he feared such an arrangement would never succeed, as, he said, the Governors might bribe the "V izir or other officers at the [...]
Full text:[...] it seems, to evade compliance with the Shah's orders. I have informed Mirza Sa'id Khan that no arrangement in respect to this matter, which does not provide for the hond signed under compulsion by the [...]
Full text:[...] and provinces, and that a notification be also addressed to all the Jewish communities of this arrangement, and further, you recommend that the Governors should be warned that if they or others hinder the [...]
Full text:[...] Government did not wish to act with severity towards them, Her Majesty's Government proposed an arrangement, which was accepted by the Russian Government, to transfer to British protection those Russian [...]
Full text:[...] the institution include children professing the Greek, Catholic, and Mahomedan religions. By an arrangement with the Council of the Turkish School of Arts and Trades, of which the Governor-General is [...]
Full text:[...] ... ••• 84 34 30 6 Neither Spanish nor French have been taught in the school. I made, however, an arrangement with Mr. Bendahan, to commence teaching Spanish to the first class. Hours of attendance from 10 [...]
Full text:[...] be made for payment of the bond it was unnecessary to take any further steps in the matter. This arrangement seemed unsatisfactory, and I continued, therefore, to press for the fulfilment of the Shah's [...]
Full text:[...] The answer of the Roumanian Government was that they were necessary as a matter of internal arrangement. As a consequence of the publicity given to the existence of these disabilities, the Council [...]
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